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Material for Fabric Art, Patchwork and Quilting

Multi Colour

We are proud to present this collection of attractive and unusual multicoloured cotton fabric.

All our fabric is priced per quarter metre
Order 1 unit you receive 1 fat quarter
Order 2 units you receive 1/2 mtr length
Order 4 units you receive 1 mtr length

All these fabrics are now at half the listed price. The cart system is not active so please order by email.

Jive Talk Fabric
Jive Talk
BB 4001
Bubble Gum Fabric
Bubble Gum
BB 4002
Feather Sky Fabric
Feather Sky
BB 4003
Bermuda Fabric
BB 4004
Party Time Fabric
Party Time
BB 4005
Confetti Fabric
BB 4006
Pastel Wish Fabric
Pastel Wish
BB 4008
Marble Kiss Fabric
Marble Kiss
BB 4009
Pot Pourri Fabric
Pot Pourri
BB 4010
Indian Sari  Fabric
Indian Sari
BB 4011
Sunset Boulevard Fabric
Sunset Boulevard
BB 4015
African Party Fabric
African Party
BB 4017
Magic Forest Fabric
Magic Forest
BB 4018
Peter Pan Fabric
Peter Pan
BB 4020
Mystic Fabric
BB 4021
Boogie Nights Fabric
Boogie Nights
BB 4022
Reggae Fabric
BB 4023
Disco Dance Fabric
Disco Dance
BB 4024
Flamenco Fabric
BB 4025
Starburst Fabric
BB 4026
Montage Fabric
BB 4028
Smashed Apricot Fabric
Smashed Apricot
BB 4029
Star Chart Fabric
Star Chart
BB 4030
Satay Fabric
BM 4502
Nebula Fabric
BM 4503

Bowerbird Fabrics

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