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Material for Fabric Art, Patchwork and Quilting

Purple Collection

Purple colours from subtle to imperial.

All our fabric is priced per quarter metre
Order 1 unit you receive 1 fat quarter
Order 2 units you receive 1/2 mtr length
Order 4 units you receive 1 mtr length

All these fabrics are now at half the listed price. The cart system is not active so please order by email.

Innuendo Fabric
BB 7003
Iced Grape Fabric
Iced Grape
BB 7004
Magenta Magic Fabric
Magenta Magic
BB 7006
Purple Wizard Fabric
Purple Wizard
BB 7007
Munchkin Fabric
BB 7008
Purple Angel Fabric
Purple Angel
BB 7011
Wild Plum Fabric
Wild Plum
BB 7012
Mulberry Pie Fabric
Mulberry Pie
BB 7013
Darling Lilac Fabric
Darling Lilac
BB 7014
Purple Folly Fabric
Purple Folly
BB 7015
Harvest Wine Fabric
Harvest Wine
BB 7016


Secret Lilac Fabric
Secret Lilac
BB 7017


Pandora Purple Fabric
BB 7019
Illusion Fabric
BB 7021
Holey Moley Fabric
Holey Moley
BB 7022
Marlin Fabric
BB 7023
Indigo Magic Fabric
Indigo Magic
BM 7501
Politely Purple Fabric
Politely Purple
BM 7502
Vivid Violet Fabric
Vivid Violet
BM 7503
Ultra Violet Fabric
Ultra Violet
BM 7504
Purple Essence Fabric
Purple Essence
BM 7505
Silouette Fabric
BM 7506
Musk Fabric
BM 7508
Tranquil Pool Fabric
Tranquil Pool
BM 7512
Velvet Purple Fabric
Velvet Purple
BM 7513

Bowerbird Fabrics

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